Programs that help children learn and grow through play

LearnPlay1North Park Church Cooperative Preschool encourages free play as the main element of the curriculum. Children explore their own interests in play for most of the day. Art supplies, books, blocks, and other play materials encourage children to explore the limits of their imagination. The teacher leads children in circle time, incorporating songs, finger plays, story time, and sharing time in this experience of group learning.

The daily routine includes opportunities for active play on our outdoor playground or in our large indoor gym. Play may be child-initiated or teacher-directed.


2019-2020 Programs

(School year runs September 2019 through May 2020)


Young 3s: Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9:00-11:30)

For children who will turn three between September 1 and December 31, 2019

Two year olds love to sing songs and act them out! Our two year old room provides a warm, nurturing and fun environment. We encourage each child to participate at his or her own pace, with art activities and manipulatives to help develop fine motor skills, and outdoor play or gym time to develop gross motor skills.


Preschool 3s: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (9:00-11:30)

For children who will turn three before September 1, 2019
Three year olds are full of adventure and curiosity! Their language and vocabulary are developing, allowing the child to better express his or her thoughts and ideas. They become more independent and sometimes like to play alone, but at the same time they are becoming more social and start building friendships. Three year olds have a longer attention span allowing the daily circle time to include calendar, theme of the week, and longer stories.


Preschool 4s: Monday through Thursday afternoons (12:15-3:15)

For children who will turn four before September 1, 2019

The four year old classroom is a busy and exciting experience; four year olds are ready for more challenges! More playing with friends means more opportunities to practice making choices and resolving conflicts. We incorporate daily calendar activities, games and puzzles to provide cognitive development. Four year olds can be very creative and are encouraged to make their own creations in art.

Please note that per state regulations all children must be fully potty-trained before the start of the school year.



“I highly recommend the preschool program at North Park Cooperative. My daughter is in the young 3s program we couldn’t be happier with the program, teachers and curriculum. Not only is the environment supportive and creative, the ability to be involved as a classroom parent volunteer makes the experience enriching for our whole family. We like the teacher to student ratio and think the program is also a great value! Our daughter will continue on with the 3s and 4s programs”.

“I was asked to write about why I believe in North Park Cooperative Preschool, a place I’ve been a part of personally for the last 6 years. Like you, my childrens educational experience is of primary importance to me and I spent a lot of time deciding where I would send them. It’s hard to let that first little one go and it is never-wracking wondering if you are making the right decision. I knew about NPCP because my niece and nephew attended 13 years earlier. As a teenager my niece still talked about how much she loved her teacher (Ms. Jan) from preschool.

I believe in the play based philosophy of NPCP. After researching I believe that children learn best in this atmosphere and it allows them to develop and grow and prepares them for Kindergarten and elementary school. There are general rates of normal development.

I am not a child development specialist, just a concerned, loving parent. But I’ve found NPCCP’s play-based program did an excellent job preparing my children for Kindergarten. Both my 3rd and 2nd grader are straight A students and I feel, more importantly, can comprehend what they are learning. My 2nd grader started reading on her own when she was 4, in 4 year old preschool, and my son, who is currently in 4 year old preschool just started reading on his own.

I recommended the program to my other sister for her son and would highly recommend it to anyone”.

Alix Davila
Mom to Bella, Emma, and Jack


“We were so happy when a friend told us about the young threes program at North Park Covenant Church Cooperative Pre-school. Her child had attended and loved it and I really trusted her judgement and was happy for the referral.

When we went to the open house everyone was welcoming and friendly to us and we felt right at home. We felt we had found a great fit and didn’t look any further.
Our little girl is pretty sensitive and we feel that pre school has built her resilience and independence in ways that we couldn’t do at home. We were worried that she wasn’t ready with potty training when she started with young threes but Ms. Laura reassured us that everyone is still learning at that age and to give it a try. It worked out really well and our child has benefited from the reinforcement in that area.
We are a family of two moms and two kids and the staff were completely welcoming of our family and accommodated Isobel in the projects that related to family structure”.

Claire Purkis~ 3’s mom