Class Structure

Your child’s day at North Park Church Cooperative Preschool


Free Play Time

FreePlayTimeThe day begins with Free Play Time. Your child may work with others on a puzzle, build a tower, join a group on the gathering rug for a story, or work on a craft related to the week’s theme. Both independent and assisted activities are available during this time and interest centers are set up to introduce new concepts and challenges. Children are supervised, but encouraged to follow their own interests.


Clean-Up Time

Motivated by a clean up song, children are asked to assist the teacher and volunteer parents in putting all books and toys in their proper places. Even clean up time encourages learning as children sort toys, work together and take pride in their accomplishments!


Circle Time

Children are invited to join the teacher on the rug to work on the themes for the week. Your child may listen to a story, share a story about their own experiences, sing, dance or learn a finger play. Your child will work with the alphabet, counting, weather, seasons and days of the week. This time is teacher led, but interactive. This is both a time for group play and taking turns; a time for sitting still and advancing motor skills. This is simultaneously a time for great fun and great learning.


Bathroom Break

Volunteers are present in the bathroom and help with washing hands as needed. All children must be potty trained by the time they start school. Pull-ups are not allowed per our DCFS license.


Snack Time

After a busy morning, children are ready to sit down with a nutritious snack and drink! Your child will get a bit of quiet time, as well as the opportunity to recharge for the remainder of the school day.


Activity/Craft Time

As your child completes the day’s activity or craft, he/she has the opportunity to work independently, recall ideas discussed during circle time and be creative. Weekly themes are reinforced and expanded upon. This is a great time for children to interact on a one on one basis with the teacher as she moves around the room, taking the time to discuss ideas and progress on the project with each child.


Gym/Playground Time

Your child will go either to the gym or outside, weather permitting, prior to dismissal at the end of the day. The teacher and volunteers may lead activities and various games and equipment are available. We have a beautiful private, enclosed, outdoor playground with plenty of room for running as well as a spacious, indoor gym, both stocked with safe equipment for imaginative, active play.