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Cooperative, play-based preschool

Play is a child’s way of learning and growing. We encourage supervised play without interfering with the child’s interests and actions. It is through meaningful, age-appropriate, creative play that children learn about themselves, their peers and their world. Children grow faster and learn more during the first five years of life than at any other time. It is the responsibility of those who guide young children to provide good learning opportunities. North Park Church Cooperative Preschool (NPCCP) is committed to providing this. Hopping, jumping and dancing help children build large motor coordination skills. Stringing beads, cutting, drawing, or putting together a puzzle helps children to develop small muscle dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Children playing dress up and make-believe create situations that they can deal with and control; teaching them to work out their fears and anxieties. These activities promote social growth, sharing, problem solving, self control, exploration of sizes, shapes, distances, proportions and weight, concepts such as “smaller than” or “bigger than”, counting, classification, sorting and matching. The variety of activities we offer gives children a feeling of satisfaction and joy. These positive feelings allow children to gain confidence in their skills and abilities, resulting in a strong self-concept. Play encourages positive outcomes, so let’s encourage play. Play is the work of children!



NPCCP is a cooperative effort that cannot thrive without the time and talent of its students’ family members. Parents contribute daily in the classroom as volunteers aiding in every way from hand washing to supporting the learning opportunities in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to share their special talents.


Parents provide additional support by serving on the Community, Marketing, Development, Technology and Assessment Committees. These committees are vital to the operation, improvement and promotion of NPCCP. Additionally, program support is provided by the Preschool Committee comprised of church members and parents of children enrolled in the school.



Organized in 1963 with the goal of offering a quality preschool program to the church and community and meeting the need for a small, independent preschool, NPCCP has grown to encompass families from many different neighborhoods and backgrounds. We are self-supporting. Our school’s low tuition is possible due to the volunteer contributions of parents. Our school’s low tuition makes this outstanding educational experience accessible to all families.


In Chicago’s North Park neighborhood

To learn more about our program or schedule a visit please contact our preschool director at northparkpreschool@gmail.com.

North Park Church Cooperative Preschool
5250 North Christiana Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60625

North Park Covenant Church  http://www.npcovenant.org/